by Roland schimmelpfennig

August 18 - September 23, 2012

sideshow theatre company


scenic designer Joe Schermoly
costume designer Kristin DeiTos

lighting designer Mac Vaughey

sound designers Christopher M. LaPorte and Michael Huey


"Highly recommended! Marvelous production... a brilliant hour-long work."

Chicago Sun-Times


"Absolutely gorgeous... visually stunning and intellectually rich... a truly A-list production!"


"A promise is a promise. A promise is a promise."
Idomeneus, King of Crete, has killed his son. Or maybe not. Maybe he's let his son live, but angered the gods in doing so. Or maybe the person he thinks is his son is an imposter. Maybe his real son actually turned into a talking, shape-shifting sea-creature and is back to have a heart-to-heart. Or maybe it's all true, all at once. A kaleidoscope of monsters, mythmaking and sudden, striking humor, the U.S. premiere of Roland Schimmelpfennig’s smash-hit Idomeneus details the end of a war between nations and the beginning of a war between reason and superstition. Idomeneus makes a promise to the gods, and what comes next is a fractured, mythic tidal wave, brought to life with astounding theatricality by Sideshow's adventurous ensemble of storytellers.

Winner of 2013 Joseph Jefferson Award for ensemble