Medea with Child

by Janet Burroway

March 14 - April 25, 2010

sideshow theatre company


scenic designer Joshua Lansing
costume designer David Hyman

lighting designer Kimberlee Winters-Jones

sound designer Christopher M. LaPorte



"Wry twisted wit... several viewings might be needed to savor every flavorful drop of its juicy, wicked goodness."

Chicago Theater Beat


"Bold, ambitious work, unafraid of making messes, and often spectacular!"


"Amazing sight. She's a barbarian."
Sideshow Theatre Company presents the Chicago premiere of Pulitzer Prize nominee Janet Burroway's Medea with Child. Unleashing Euripides' tragedy on a modern, magical, lyrically soaring stage of physical and verbal athletics, this wildly witty retelling blasts down to the core of the Greek classic Medea. When her husband strays from their marriage, Medea's fury unleashes a storm of epic proportions on both family and country. Can the characters escape the fate that awaits them? And what will be left if they can?

photos: Ian Epstein