the gacy play

by calamity west

June 23 - July 29, 2012

sideshow theatre company


scenic designer Sara Brown
costume designer Angela Enos

lighting designer Jordan Kardasz

sound designer Christopher M. LaPorte


"Rich and well-crafted... a truly fascinating performance."

Chicago Tribune

"It's lonesome in this house."
It’s Christmas, 1975, and the crawlspace is open in suburban Chicago. John Wayne Gacy, Jr. is a man with secrets beneath his floor, but when his wife and friends start asking questions, he withdraws into his own world and his late-night conversations with the smoking, swaggering Duke who shares his name. As ghosts begin crowding the household, the divide between dream and reality vanishes, and the smell just keeps on getting worse. Sideshow Theatre Company and playwright Calamity West delve deep into the mind of one of America’s most notorious killers in this World Premiere production and unearth an otherworldly meditation on masculinity and violence that hits all too close to home, even now.