The Golden Dragon

by Roland Schimmelpfennig

January 18 - February 23, 2014

sideshow theatre company


co-directed with Marti Lyons

scenic designer William Boles
costume designer Kristin DeiTos

lighting designer John Kelly

sound designer Christopher M. LaPorte


"Highly recommended! Enthralling... though brief, this incredibly intense work is completely satisfying."

Chicago Sun-Times


"The Golden Dragon knocks you off your feet... when the production is done, you are left speechless."

Chicago Theatre Review

"I would so love to be the way I was once."
A warm summer evening at The Golden Dragon, where the staff serves Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine to strangers who pass through its doors. Next door, a convenience store and its curious proprietor. Upstairs, a warehouse containing an unspeakable secret. As the evening progresses, the stories of the Dragon’s patrons and staff slowly unravel and intertwine, with all the shock, intrigue and danger of the international city at their core. In a fast-paced, sweeping fable of culture clash in modern life, a dynamic ensemble of five actors embodies nearly twenty characters, and their intersecting desire for power exposes the raw nerve at the center of a newly globalized world.